Our beer arises at the bottom of the Monviso mountain, in the state jail of Saluzzo. There is where we produce artisanal beer inspired to the traditional style: Pils, Ale, Weiss and Saison beers are proposed with care for the traditional productive methodologies. In the jail, as in the Monasteries, time works to create excellency.

Chicca Beer

Huehuetenango coffee

Alc. 4,5% Vol

Taquamari Beer

With tapioca, quinoa, amaranth and basmati rice

Alc. 5,2% Vol

Dui e Mes Beer

With Taliouine saffron and Rimbàs black pepper

Alc. 2,5% Vol

Ermes Beer
With spices

Alc. 4,7% Vol

T.I.P.A Beer

With traditional English hops

Alc. 6,7% Vol

Tosta Beer

With Costa Rica cocoa

Alc. 12,5% Vol

P.I.L.S. Beer
With Saaz
hops flowers

Alc. 4,7% Vol

Triplete Beer

Golden malt colour, moderately dry and a soft fruity flavour

Alc. 9% Vol

Navidad Beer

With pomegranate, candied cedar, raisin and a rare Ceylon spice

Alc. 8% Vol

Pausa Café s.c.s.
Corso Francia, 15 | 10138 Torino
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