dui e mes beer

Light beer inspired by the style of the tradition Belgian Saison beers

Available in 0.33L and 0.75L bottles 


Beer freely inspired by the style of the traditional Belgian Saison beers, it is produced with a particular method called high gravity, which allows to obtain the perfumes and aromas of a structured beer in a light beer instead.

Straw-coloured and opalescent, this beer is light and fresh even though it has a consistent body. The exotic spiciness of black pepper and saffron gives the mouth some hot notes.

Intense spicy perfumes and a good body.


Dynamic Grander water, barley malt, wheat, hops, sugar, yeast, saffron spices and black pepper.

Pausa Café s.c.s.
Corso Francia, 15 | 10138 Torino
P.IVA 08973930012

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