working inside jails

The 20th Article of the Italian Constitution states that “Punishments cannot consist of treatments against the sense of humanity, and should strive to the re-education of the convicted”.

Pausa Café opened inside of the state jails of Turin, Saluzzo and Alessandria a coffee roasting plant for gourmet coffee, an artisanal brewery and a bakery for the production of natural leavening organic bread.

The coffee roasting plant

The inmates of the “Lorusso e Cotugno” penal institute of Turin, together with skilled Italian coffee roasters, wood-roast the Slow Food international presidia coffees. This coalition brings together historically disadvantaged producers and inmates kept out the labour market, making it possible to offer the consumers some among the best coffee crus in the world. The wood-roasting process is characterised by its slowness and its delicacy, and it enhances the aroma features of the product.

The brewery

Through the job as a brewer the inmates can find redemption inside the state jail of Saluzzo. We produce several artisanal beers, all of which are proposed to the public thanks to the rediscovery of traditional producing methods.

The bakery

Bread has always held a significant role in our diet, both under a nutritional and a symbolic point of view. We bake our products in the “San Michele” state jail of Alessandria. These are exclusively hand-kneaded and baked, using organic flours and sourdough starter. Our products are able not only to bring genuine flavours on our dining tables, but also to give dignity to the sentenced inmates.

Pausa Café s.c.s.
Corso Francia, 15 | 10138 Torino
P.IVA 08973930012 

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